Blue Rockets vs.  team16

9/17 team 10 vs. Blue Rockets
9/24 Blue Rockets vs. team 11
10/1 team 12 vs. Blue Rockets
10/8 Blue Rockets vs. team 13
10/15 team 14 vs. Blue Rockets

Blue Rockets vs. team 15

10/29 team 1 vs. Blue Rockets
11/5 Blue Rockets vs. team 2
11/12 team 3 vs. Blue Rockets
11/19 Blue Rockets vs. team 4
12/3 team 5 vs. Blue Rockets
12/10 Blue Rockets vs. team 6


The Blue Rockets vs. The Green "Something"

game 12

In AYSO nobody keeps score, the game is just for the fun of it. Game 12 was the best game the Blue Rockets have played to date. They showed great progress both with skills and understanding of the game.

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game 12 ABOVE:
The Blue Rockets.
  Max and Alex are chasing the ball as a team.
game 12

  Joe, Jacob and Max  watching Toby  taking the ball away from number 7..

Alex,  Joe, Ben, Toby and   Cole having a great time playing soccer. 

game 12 game 12 game 12
Cole and Toby watching while Ben and Max are stopping the other team. Alex, Cole, Toby , Joe  and Jacob playing team soccer. Alex and  Joe celebrating a great game.  

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