Blue Rockets vs.  team16

9/17 team 10 vs. Blue Rockets
9/24 Blue Rockets vs. team 11
10/1 team 12 vs. Blue Rockets
10/8 Blue Rockets vs. team 13
10/15 team 14 vs. Blue Rockets

Blue Rockets vs. team 15

10/29 team 1 vs. Blue Rockets
11/5 Blue Rockets vs. team 2
11/12 team 3 vs. Blue Rockets
11/19 Blue Rockets vs. team 4
12/3 team 5 vs. Blue Rockets
12/10 Blue Rockets vs. team 6


The Blue Rockets vs. The Yellow Lightning

game 2

In AYSO nobody keeps score, the game is just for the fun of it. The 3rd game was a little over substituted due to the other team only had four players (we had all seven).  Thanks again to  Vaughan (Ben and Joe's mom) for providing me with additional pictures.

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game 2 Above Toby and Alex trying to stop their super shooter #7.


game 2

Here is Joe and Alex playing defense. 

Joe, Toby and Alex all waiting to be rotated in (with me)

game 2 game 2 game 2
Cheerleaders Max controlling the ball well surrounded by Yellow Lightings, with Toby coming to help. Half time!!!!!!!!!!!
Pep Talk and Snack with Coaches while the parents are watching.
game 2 game 2 game 2
Alex and Joe chasing the ball. Joe and Toby running after the ball trying to score. Max, Jacob and Toby getting centerfield.


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