Blue Rockets vs.  team16

9/17 team 10 vs. Blue Rockets
9/24 Blue Rockets vs. team 11
10/1 team 12 vs. Blue Rockets
10/8 Blue Rockets vs. team 13
10/15 team 14 vs. Blue Rockets

Blue Rockets vs. team 15

10/29 team 1 vs. Blue Rockets
11/5 Blue Rockets vs. team 2
11/12 team 3 vs. Blue Rockets
11/19 Blue Rockets vs. team 4
12/3 team 5 vs. Blue Rockets
12/10 Blue Rockets vs. team 6


The Blue Rockets vs. The Black Dragons

game 10

In AYSO nobody keeps score, the game is just for the fun of it. Game 9 was a tough game. They had a "super star", but we had fun.

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game 10 ABOVE:
The Blue Rockets.
  Cole, Joe and Alex are fighting for the ball with the Black Dragons.
game 10

  Joe  and Jacob supporting  Ben's super play.

  Joe, Cole and  Jacob trying to take the ball from the other team. 

game 10 game 10 game 10
Joe and Alex   Good game Max (Toby's friend and neighbor) Good game coach

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