Blue Rockets vs.  team16

9/17 team 10 vs. Blue Rockets
9/24 Blue Rockets vs. team 11
10/1 team 12 vs. Blue Rockets
10/8 Blue Rockets vs. team 13
10/15 team 14 vs. Blue Rockets

Blue Rockets vs. team 15

10/29 team 1 vs. Blue Rockets
11/5 Blue Rockets vs. team 2
11/12 team 3 vs. Blue Rockets
11/19 Blue Rockets vs. team 4
12/3 team 5 vs. Blue Rockets
12/10 Blue Rockets vs. team 6


The Blue Rockets vs. The Purple Mets

game 9

In AYSO nobody keeps score, the game is just for the fun of it. Game 9 was the best game we played yet. Everybody did a great job.

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game 9 ABOVE:
The Blue Rockets.
in attack mode, while Alex and Toby are chasing behind
game 9

Max, Toby,  Joe, Alex and  Ben ready for action.

Ben running, with Joe, Max and Toby in the background. 

game 9 game 9 game 9
Ben 3 defenders, not fair for them.  Toby throwing in with coach Finn (me) giving directions. Alex kicking the ball.

Created by Finn Orvin (Toby's dad)
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