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Tess and Tobias' page updated on 10/12/2007


February 29th:  Tim is turning 40 and the boys are going  sailing in the British Virgin Island. 


Sept. 21st:  Tess started with 
soccer games. 
(updated 11/12)

July 12th  Toby has become a  Rockstar.

January 20th Tess is 5 years old: See month to month pictures.

January 2nd Toby is 7 years old: See month to month pictures.

April 6th  This Christmas the kids got to meet  Santa Clause.  

April 5th  pictures from December and  Christmas 2006.  

April 4th    Thanksgiving 2006. at Deborah and Dwayne's place. 

April 3rd    Halloween 2006. finally available. 

April 3rd  New pictures from  Toby's 2006 soccer season


December 30th  Toby joined the Cub Scouts  last september 

December 29th  Finally able to add pictures from my Brother Ole with Family's  visit. 

August 1st Summer vacation  in Arizona and San Diego in June. 

May 30th Overland Elementary school:  Toby's kindergarten. 

February:  Toby started playing T-Ball, his team is the Reds. (updated on June 10th)

February 28th Ski vacation   at Sun Valley Idaho. 

January   New Years Eve 2005  at Neil and Allison's place. 


November  I took a trip to  Denmark to visit with my Danish family.

September 28th  Finally able to get the pictures from our   Norway trip posted on the page.

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October birthdays:
Donna's brother-in-law
Garry on the 3rd, our friend Dan on the 6th, my  Aunt Solveig on the 11th,  Ava Bella on the 20th and our friend Karen on the 27th.
November birthdays:
Inger's son Alex on the 3rd, my cousin Lars's daughter Ida on the 13th, my younger brother  Jon on the 24th and my cousin Anne on the 27th.
December birthdays:
My friend  Sean on the 1st, our friend Rich on the 3rd, my Uncle Al on the 10th, our dog Simba on the 16th, my Niece Siri and my Cousin Lars on the 18th, Cousin Debra on the 26th, my Aunt Bitten on the 30th and finally cousin Dwayne on the 31st.

Link to all birthdays

Finn's DAD

The home page of the Blue Rockets , Toby started playing soccer this year (2005)

Click here for pictures from Sulitjelma.

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Overland Elementary School
(updated 6/21/2006)


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