About me, Finn Orvin
My brothers I was born in Sulitjelma (map), a little mining town north of the arctic circle in Norway. My father, Ole Tobias was born in Oslo, Norway in 1919 and my mother Signe Edel was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1930. They married in 1950 and settled in a town called Ski, south of Oslo. In 1957 they moved with their first son Ole Tobias to Sauda. There they had their second son Trond Johan. In 1960, they packed it up again and moved  to Sulitjelma were I was born January 22nd 1963. Two years later they had their fourth son Jon Anders.
Sulitjelma (pictures) had at the time about 2,000 citizens, and it's main/only industry was  copper mining. We had a family cabin on Kjelvann in the mountains were we spent most weekends and holidays. 
Trond died December 13th 1972 at 14 years old in an accident.
My first 8 years in school was spent in Sulitjelma, then at age 14 we moved to Fauske (map) (about Fauske) a small town 25 miles west of Sulitjelma. My parents built a house on the hill with a incredible view.
Me and Donna After 9th grade I went to Fauske Gymnas (High School) for the next three years. Graduated spring of 1981. 18 years old, restless and eager to explore, I packed a bag and left for Washington DC to stay with my aunt Isa and Uncle Al for a couple of months. I then backpacked for a few months around the states.
After a short stop back in Norway I moved to Chicago where I got married for the first time and stayed for 7 years.
After a divorce, I set eyes on California. I first spent 4 months in the bay area, then I settled in Los Angeles, where I live today.
I have been working for Plummerss furniture while in L.A., selling among other things Scandinavian furniture. I met my current wife Donna Marie Giuliano while selling her a leather sofa.  Other people call it dating, I call it good customer service, anyway, we got married June 21st 1997 in Los Angeles. We bought a house on the west side of L.A. close to Donna's family, where we live happily with our dog Simba.
January 2nd 2000 and January 20th 2002 gave us these two great additions to our family. Tobias Trond and Theresa Rose has their own pages.

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