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Last updated   11/09/05
August 21st 2005: Toby's graduation from pre-school
A big day for Toby. The day after we came back from Norway he had his graduation from Home Sweet Home Preschool. Toby Toby Toby
Toby with Christina & Emmy Isabella and Class of 2005
Toby Toby
Toby and Diego Family picture
October 29th 2004 Halloween Celebration at Home Sweet Home
Tess Tess Tess Toby
Tess on slide Tess and Briana Mummy Tess Toby bowling
May 2004:

Annual visit from the fire department. Kids got to climb all over truck and play fireman for a day.

Tess Toby class
Tess on the truck Toby climbing on it Fireman talking to class
Toby Tess Tess
Toby putting out fire Tess driving Toby's class
February 2004:

Tess joins Home Sweet Home  as a Bunny. She enjoys going there and playing with her schoolmates.

First day
Toby start 
Pre School 
and joins the Bears
Tess Toby Mom and Tess
Tess in the "fun house" Looking for spiders Mom and Tess
Isabella and Toby " Halloween party at Home Sweet Home"  Toby

October 31st 2003

Isabella and Toby


Christmas 2003 Christmas 2003
Christmas 2002 at school With friends in January 03
With Isabella Down slide Air hockey With Emani
Toby and Isabella going down the slide together. Coming down the slide. Playing air hockey. Pizza and cake.
With Emani With Isabella "Toby was invited to Emani's birthday celebration, which took place at Kids Concepts in Torrance. Toby had a great time as you can see from the pictures"

November 9, 2002

Jumping with Emani. Isabella and Toby playing
Toby joins the Raccoons: Halloween Halloween "The pictures to the left were taken on Halloween. Everybody dressed in their pajamas."
October 31, 2002
With Toby's teaches Hilda and Dawn. Here Toby is with his Raccoons classmates.
Toby starts school in the bunny group: "Toby's first week at school, while he was in the bunnies group." At School At School

January 11, 2002

Can we go in yet dad?? Having lunch with Lori and the other bunnies.