Cousin Lars and Nina Nielsen

Los Angeles visit 2005

The Danish invasion took place for the entire month of July. We had a very nice visit with my cousin Lars and Nina with their children Ida (14) and Mikkel (11) . Toby and Tess loved it, even thought they talked funny. Below are some pictures from their stay. (click on them see a bigger version in a pop-up window)

Family Nielsen Ida and Tess Family Nielsen
"Ida, Tess, Mikkel, Nina and Lars having Pizza in our back yard." "Ida and Tess watching TV" "Mikkel and Toby having fun, Nina, Ida and Tess in the back"



"Nina, Ida, Mikkel, Toby, Me and Tess watching Shamu in San Diego."

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on Midway Family Nielsen Mikkel and toby
"Tess, Mikkel and Toby on the Aircraft carrier Midway." "Mikkel looking after Toby while sight seeing in Hollywood" "Mikkel and Toby in the Jacuzzi at Cathy's place"

Christmas 2001

Lars and kids

Christmas starts each year with the adults taking the kids to the woods to steal a Christmas tree. It is a tradition handed down thru generations.
(Did I mention that Cousin Lars is a police officer in Copenhagen)

Uncle Henrik and Lars

Lars with kids

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Onkel Henrik & Lars

Lars, Nina and Mikkel

Cousin Lars and Nina live outside Copenhagen Denmark with their two children Ida and Mikkel.


Lars, Nina and Mikkel (7)

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Ida (11)

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