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Tyler James and Ava Bella

Born on
January 7th 2000 at 7:12pm, a big boy at 8 pounds 11 ounces, 20"

Born on 
Oct 20th 2003 at 9:17am a little girl at 7 pounds 7 ounces, 19,5"

A couple of days old.

A couple of days old.

She is finally here to see more pictures!!!

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Girls 4th of July 2006 ant Neil and Allison's place. Boys
Ava and Tess dressing up Toby and Tyler watching Fireworks
Girls New Years Eve 2005 at Neil and Allison's house. (click here for more) Toby and Tyler
Ava and Tess Tyler and Toby
Tyler and Toby Neil, Tyler and Jack June 2005 

Camping trip to Malibu

Ava and Allison

"Toby and Tyler hanging together on the beach."

"Neil, Tyler and Jack trying to get the fire pit started."

"Ava  enjoying a corn on the cob in Mom's lap"

Ava and Toby Tess and Ava Tess and Ava

In Big Bear

"Toby with Ava during a party in our back yard. Sept. 2004" "During a camping trip, Tess playing with Ava and Toby and Tyler enjoying the fire in Neil's arms, Aug. 2004"

"Tyler, Toby and Tess at Big Bear Jan 9th 04"

Malibu Cook Out


"Below Daddy and I visited Tyler's house. Mary and Jessica was there as well, we had fun"

"Malibu Chili cook out, Tyler and Toby dancing." August 2003

"Tyler, Neil and Toby 
having fun in the pool."

 July 2003

March 2003 at Disneyland

Dragoon tales

"Tyler and I went to see the Live Dragoon Tales show. It was cool."

Dragoon tales

Dragoon tales

Nov 2002 

Nov. 25th 2002

Nov. 25th 2002




Having FUN

Dec. 23rd 2000, having fun!!!

Jan. 2002

Jan. 2002

Jan. 2002

Playing together

Looking cool


July 4th 2001

June 2000

Nov. 2000

Family picture

Proud daddy!

What a joy A toast
Dad, Mom and Tyler Proud DADDY He is mine, mine mine.

Nothing says it better than a Guiness

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